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Brent Cyclists: "Brent Cross cycling provision"

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"... This 'living bridge' will allow cyclists to cross the North Circular, which sounds good. However, there will be no quality cycle access to it from the south or south-west, so far as we can see. The only access from the west side of Barnet, and Brent, will be via Claremont Road, an unpleasant rat-run which is sure to be made much worse by traffic generated by the housing developments planned, or via another new bridge, across the Midland Main Line, connecting to the A5 Edgware Road, a hostile main road which has absolutely no cycling facilities.

"Why, in a brand new development, where most of the infrastructure is being rebuilt, are the developers planning shared cycle and pedestrian routes? This is planning for failure in terms of attracting significant volumes of cyclists. They should be planning separation.

"Perhaps most seriously, as we have repeatedly pointed out, the flaw with this plan for a riverside path along the Brent is that it goes nowhere at the west end. Brent Park Road merely meets the concrete wall of the A5 flyover across Stapes Corner West. There will be no way for cyclists to escape at that end, as they can't go north up the A5 without cycling illegally on the pavement, and they won't be able to go south, as they will be swept back into a new traffic system at the junction into the North Circular [shown above]. There are no other roads going south.

There is one going north, Dallas Road, but that creates no practical routes towards Brent because of the banned turn at the junction of Park Road with the A5."

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