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SEVERAL years ago, when my mum was still alive, but rather doddery, she was trying to cross the road at the bottom of Millway. As she was recovering from a stroke, a car got rather impatient with her and the idiot driving wound down his window and gave her a volley of abuse, purely for being unable to cross the road quickly.
His words were "Hurry up you bitch, you should be in a home". What he didn't realise was that I was walking down the road and had seen the whole incident. I am not proud to say that a red mist descended, and I immediately ran to the car, opened the door and screamed at the driver "Get out and apologise to my mother!" The guy, seeing a 6'1" ranting lunatic, immediately complied, and it was vaguely satisfying to watch him grovel.

My mother shouted at him, "Don't you have a mother?" She was extremely angry, but was absolutely made up that I'd intervened and given him what for. I walked her home, and we had a guinness together. She said that she couldn't believe how a young man could behave in such a disgusting manner. As a side effect of her stroke, my mother suffered from jargon Dysphasia. This meant she couldn't get words out properly. Strangely this incident cured it for about 15 minutes.

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