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The North London Waste Authority: "Let's run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it"

Odds and ends, starting with edited highlights from 19 April 2010:

European tender invitation by the NLWA: 
Refuse and waste related services

What was it?

The Authority is seeking to award a Waste Services Contract ... to private sector partners ... for the provision of a solution for the treatment of municipal solid waste ("MSW").

The key outcomes of the Waste Services Contract are to manage MSW: 
  1. in a safe, efficient and effective manner; 
  2. to maximise recycling, composting and reuse, minimise the amount of MSW to landfill and to produce solid recovered fuel ("SRF") in the most efficient way possible; and 
  3. to minimise the impact of climate change.
Bidders should note that the services set out below are an indicative description of the services required by the Authority under the Contracts. The Authority reserves the right, however, not to contract for any part or all of the services.

Under the Waste Services Contract, the Waste Services Contractor may be required to design, build, finance and operate certain waste treatment, transfer, processing and disposal facilities capable of managing approximately 1 200 000 tonnes per annum of MSW. As part of the Waste Services Contract, the Authority requires the production of SRF.

Counting your chickens too soon
(PFI "agreement" in March 2010)
The Waste Services Contractor will be responsible for marketing and selling any products other than SRF resulting from the service and for securing and managing any residual landfill capacity that may be required.

The Authority has identified sites to locate the waste treatment, transfer, processing and disposal facilities that may be required, namely sites at Edmonton (in Enfield), Pinkham Way (in Haringey), Hendon (in Barnet), and Hornsey Street (in Islington).

When will it be?

The Waste Services Contract commencement date is anticipated to be October 2012. The Waste Services Contractor will be expected to take responsibility for managing the MSW on behalf of the Authority from this date.

The duration of the Waste Services Contract will be determined by the Authority through competitive dialogue, but it is expected to be for a period of between 25 to 35 years.

The operational start date for all of the new facilities under the Waste Services Contract is anticipated to be April 2016.

Where will it happen?

The Authority has identified the sites set out below for potential use by the Waste Services Contractor as part of its waste services proposals.

Bidders may submit a solution based on the sites identified by the Authority [below], their own sites or a combination of both.
  • Edmonton site. ...
  • Pinkham Way Site [added link: Pinkham Way, Friern Barnet]. The Authority anticipates that the Waste Services Contractor may build and operate waste management facilities at Pinkham Way.
  • Hendon Rail Waste Transfer Station ("WTS") Site. The Authority currently utilises a rail WTS, in Hendon. If required for the purpose of delivering services under the Waste Services Contract, the Authority will grant a sub-lease of the rail WTS, which will allow for the ongoing use of the site as a rail WTS and for the bulking of pre-sorted recyclable and compostable waste for transport by road.

    The Authority envisages transferring the existing rail WTS and bulking facilities to a new site at Hendon. The development of the new site is included in the outline planning application for the Brent Cross Cricklewood ("BXC") redevelopment which the London Borough of Barnet has resolved to approve.

    The Authority anticipates that from a date to be agreed in the dialogue process, the Waste Services Contractor will operate the existing rail WTS in Hendon, and when the development at BXC progresses, may build and operate a new rail WTS and new waste management facilities at the new site in Hendon.
  • Hornsey Street WTS Site. ...
Anything else?

The likely nominal value of the Waste Services Contract is expected to be approximately GBP 3 500 000 000.

It is envisaged that the fuel use plant will produce heat and/or electricity. The disposal of flue gas treatment residues, fly ash and any hazardous materials will also be required.

Further details on the basis on which the estimated nominal values of the Contracts has been based is available in the Authority's Outline Business case which is available at: http://www.nlwa.gov.uk/procurement/outline_business_case.

21 April 2010:

The North London Waste Authority held a 'Procurement Information Day', starting with a welcome address by Managing Director David Beadle:

Click for the 'Sites and Planning' document
Hendon (new) [Brent Cross]: "The outline planning application establishes a series of parameters for a new waste management facility... The Authority’s strategy is for the preferred bidder to prepare and submit reserved matters and associated planning applications."

August 2010:

DEFRA's summary of the NLWA's private finance initiative is this two-page document, which DEFRA 'saw up the flagpole and didn't salute'.

Alleged behaviour of the NLWA, regarding Hendon (Brent Cross) sites:

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