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Zero-Carbon Housing: George Monbiot accuses; Grant Shapps responds

"Government redefines zero, as it abandons green homes commitment"
Link to The Guardian, 26 Nov. 2010
"Shapps maintains (without providing any reasoning to justify it) that deregulation will save an implausible £8,000 per home for house-builders. But abandoning even the modest energy-efficiency standards proposed by the last government will load future costs on householders, as the crappy homes they'll have to live in will cost a fortune to keep warm."

"UK remains committed to zero-carbon homes"
Link to The Guardian, 6 Dec. 2010
"I want to reassure everyone who's eager to see greener homes – change is on its way, and very soon I'll be setting out our progress towards achieving a zero-carbon approach, and the next steps we'll be taking."

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