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'Disgusted of Brent' worries about Hammerson's attempt at World Domination

"La Garde meurt, mais ne se rend pas."
"The A5 Edgware Road is a mere ditch, and will be crossed as soon as someone has the courage to attempt it." (16 November, 1803)

Email to this web site:

"Given that the London Borough of Brent is part of the A5/A406 Corridor 'Local Enterprise Partnership', your readers may be surprised to discover that this major regeneration opportunity does not feature anywhere on the Brent web site.

Link to "They don't like it up 'em!"
"Is Brent afraid that the borough is in reality Barnet’s poodle?  Is it even aware that Anglo-French Hammerson is attempting to chair our Local Enterprise Partnership?

"Given that Hammerson has total control of the unwanted BXC project, I would have thought that a bit of competition to lead the LEP would be in the interests of local businesses and residents.

"I will update you when Brent returns my call."

We say: "We don't know what such opponents of Hammerson do to the enemy – But, by God, Sir, they terrify us."
(Duke of Wellington, 1809, attributed)

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