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North London Waste Authority - a Beacon of Openness and Transparancy (23 Across: "What a Load of Old ......." [7 letters])

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 April 2008:

"Greenhouse Gas Balances of Waste Management Scenarios"
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"Some of the scenarios include the production of Solid Recovered Waste (SFR) - such options will need to be sure that markets for the fuel exist. ... In respect of energy-from-waste scenarios, we are keen on identifying ... district heating or combined-heat-and-power sites." [Brent Cross, later considered doubtful!]

[Commentary on  GLA report:] "There are several examples of assumptions that discourage a combustion-based approach."

The document above contains the following NLWA bashfulness...

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The moral of the story is: "He who Redacts, Should Redact Consistently."

For the real enthusiasts (both from 2008)...

Hobnobbing with Defra didn't do NLWA any good, did it?
But note the funky new logo.

Later NLWA material is here.

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