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Recent Localism Bill Round Up: What the Papers Say

The Observer: 19 Dec 2010
"The tendency for strife will be great and the localism bill does not recognise there is a skill to planning"

Daily Telegraph blog: 13 Dec 2010 onwards
"Central governments are, as a rule, reluctant to devolve power. Today’s Localism Bill represents a rare and welcome exception to that rule."

The Independent: 17 Dec 2010
"The Bill includes a raft of legislation relating to planning that aims to move power from the centre to the community."

Evening Standard commentary: 20 Dec 2010. Plus comments!
"Mr Pickles likes to adapt the line from the Kevin Costner movie, Field of Dreams: 'If you devolve it, they will come.' He sees himself restoring Anglo-Saxon liberties from the Norman yoke."

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