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Brent Cross Upper Mall: "Macchiato Bar - Tonino Lamborghini Caffè"

"Since 1963, the great Ferruccio Lamborghini [has] produced cars that have been the ideal of beauty and perfection, expressing better than anything else Lamborghini’s desire for nothing but the very best.

"Following in the footsteps of his father, Tonino Lamborghini founded in 1981 a new brand dedicated to luxury accessories, and was one of the first Italian lifestyle brands to extend its offer to coffee.

"The history of Tonino Lamborghini’s coffee reflects the way the product is made, by blending passion and long-term experience. High-quality coffee is now one of its leading gourmet products. Tonino Lamborghini coffee blend is superior in terms of floral aroma, heaviness on the mouth, a thick and deep crema and a bitter, but pleasant chocolate after taste. Making the best coffee starts from the perfect blend of the finest Arabica beans from Brazil and Ethiopia, with selected Robusta beans from Java.

"We at Macchiato Bar try to bring our customers a true Italian coffee experience. We care about every step of the coffee-making and its serving... our coffee has the right balance between the espresso shot and the steamed milk ratio [sic] all in order to create the perfect taste of Italy. We made sure our baristas are experienced in the traditional Italian coffee-making... and with an additional hint of love." [sic]

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