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Canadian Governor of Bank of England: "The Puck Stops Here"

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The Guardian:
"Mark Carney: a Sven for Threadneedle Street?"

"Although he doesn't take up his new job until 1 July next year, Mark Carney will have a full in-tray. Britain's economy is still 3% smaller than it was when the recession began in 2008 and King warned earlier this month that output may fall again in the fourth quarter of this year. A further decline in GDP in the first three months of 2013 would constitute an unprecedented triple-dip recession, something few would rule out given the combination of weak consumer demand, a dysfunctional banking system and the ingrained problems of the eurozone.

"Unless something dramatic happens in the next seven months, Carney will inherit an emergency setting for monetary policy: interest rates of 0.5% and at least £375bn of quantitative easing."

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Daily Telegraph:
"New Bank of England Governor Mark Carney's wife: an eco-warrior who says banks are rotten"

"The British wife of the new Bank of England Governor is a strident environmental activist, who urges people to spend less money on possessions, and once declared:
"Having more stuff does not make us happy."
"Diana Carney has expressed sympathy for the anti-banking Occupy movement and suggested that global financial institutions are 'rotten or inadequate'.

"She has described the notion that humans should halt all consumption to save the environment as a 'good point' but 'very hard, given the way our societies function', and has also lamented the 'relentless exhortations to buy, and the fact that much of our sense of self is tied up in our possessions'.

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