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Daily Telegraph City Diary: "It’s the muppet show – from an Anglo Irish Bank viewpoint"

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"Lloyd Blankfein and Goldman friends, book now. A Dublin playhouse has raised the curtain on a musical with the tagline: 'It only takes a few muppets to screw an entire country.'

"These particular muppets are the puppet-masters of the defunct Anglo Irish Bank, the star of 'Anglo: The Musical', which is playing to packed-out audiences of Irish taxpayers able to see the funny side, as they await a sixth austerity budget in five years.

"Characters in the show include Taoiseach Enda Kenny, depicted as a lapdog on the leash of German chancellor Angela Merkel, and a poor young couple who borrow €890m to build a 40-storey apartment beside their modest home. According to scriptwriter Paul Howard, the satire needed 'certain rewrites' after producers received warning letters."

The connection?

Brent Cross's Hammerson has bought part of the leasehold interests of Croydon's Whitgift Shopping Centre, in its battle for control against Westfield. (Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee.)

The remaining, still-'independent' Whitgift leaseholder is the 'Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Assurance Company', a subsiduary of the 'Irish Bank Resolution Corporation', the zombie-bank interests of the Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide Building Society. (The latter has no connection with the UK building society.) 

(Presumably from a press preview, so imperfect sound recording)

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