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UK Regeneration ("in a new political and economic context")

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"UK Regeneration (UKR) was created in 2011 to provide those working right across the sector and in all parts of the UK with the indispensable tools they will need to deliver regeneration in the new political and economic context. 

"UKR aims to influence emerging policy acting as the true voice for regeneration; to support practitioners in all aspects of their roles and to provide a place where they can share experience and what works and what doesn’t. UKR will also develop solutions for job creation, skills development and new business formation and growth. Finally UKR will get actively involved in delivering regeneration projects working with partners across all sectors and with local communities.

"UKR has three strands under active development. All are based firmly on the need to bring private investment and commercial discipline into a new approach to regeneration. Each will support the others giving us a unique strength.
  • UKR Forum responds to a demand for connection between opinion formers, decision makers and those who deliver change. Join UKR Forum to influence the debate and contribute to government policy through networking with opinion formers, decision makers and those who deliver regeneration. Contact Jackie Sadek or email forum@ukregeneration.org.uk .
  • UKR Knowledge will capture and disseminate best practice in the new climate for regeneration. Initially we are gathering information that might otherwise be lost as bodies such as the New Deal for Communities Partnerships are dissolved, implementing peer reviews and supporting individual businesses to adapt to the new world. You can contribute best practice and secure regeneration’s collective memory through UKR Knowledge. Contact Paul Evans or email knowledge@ukregeneration.org.uk .
  • UKR Projects aims to bring private investment to bear on rebalancing the economy, releasing value from public assets through smart redefinition of what works in specific places. Bring ideas for local schemes to UKR Projects. Contact Jackie Sadek or email projects@ukregeneration.org.uk

Keep in touch
"Sign up to UK Regeneration at ukregeneration.org.uk to be part of the wide ranging network of regeneration participants, keep up to date with our team of informed and provocative bloggers, and submit your own blogs.  More details can be found on our main website."

Regeneration Dictionary

The latest product from the BIS ‘RAGPAG’ or Random Growth Policy Acronym Generator. Usefully, provided the name is impressive enough, there is no requirement for a policy thus generated to ‘do what it says on the tin’ or indeed to have any practical realworld value at all. See also Enterprise Zones.
Environmental Impact Assessment
An earnest and exhaustive combination of the obvious, the speculative and the impossible-to-know. Believed to be the origin of the phrase ‘unable to see the wood for the trees’ . Analysis in America suggests that they are approaching the point where the carbon footprints of the larger EIAs, which need to be transported in semi-trucks, will require an EIA of their own.
To ‘win’ planning consent
Exactly when planning consents ceased to be granted, and begun to be ‘won’, is difficult to establish, but it there does seem to be a telling alignment with the arrival and ascendance of ‘X Factor’ and similar TV shows . Reports that Department for Communities and Local Government are considering adopting a phone-in, celebrity-led system of planning decision making, as part of a new neighbourhood approach ‘to make planning more exciting’, have not been denied by Ministers, although stories that Simon Cowell might be enobled in the next Honours List to take charge of this are as yet unconfirmed.
‘Outline’ planning consent
A term, now used ironically, to apply to the process whereby a quick decision on the simple principle of development has been turned into a mammoth existentialist drama which is only resolved, if ever, long after the conditions which spawned the original development proposal have long since departed. Often closely associated with s106. [Brent Cross?]
A largely futile attempt by planners to get developers to cough up for all the glamorous things the developers promised at the time of the application, but had no intention or capacity to deliver. Often part of an attempt by planners to pre-empt a revised planning application. [Brent Cross?]
Urban village (n)
A collection of residential blocks even more tightly packed than usual, and generally to be found in improbable locations hitherto deemed unfit for human habitation (cf Millennium Village, Olympic Village) [Brent Cross?]
Vibrant (adj)
Not vibrant, dull, empty, gunshots audible. [Brent Cross?]

"Residents and business people are being invited to join the debate on how to make Croydon great.

"For the first time, tickets are being made available to the Croydon Question Time – a question and answer session featuring some of Croydon’s major stakeholders.

"The session, which forms part of the Develop Croydon Conference, the town’s most influential regeneration summit, takes place at Fairfield Halls from 3pm on Tuesday, 27th November and confirmed panellists are:
  • Jackie Sadek: Chief Executive of UK Regeneration
  • Kit Malthouse: Deputy Mayor of London for Business and Enterprise
  • Richard Serunjogi: Project Manager, Spirit of London
  • Mike Webb: Chairman of Allianz Global Assistance
  • John Burton: Director of Development, Westfield UK
  • Robin Dobson: Director of Retail Development, Hammerson
  • Paul Norman: Editor of commercial property news service CoStar
  • Leading local political representatives
"Although attendees will be able to quiz the panel on the day, organisers of the event are also inviting members of the public to submit questions in advance. You can do this by texting 60777 and typing CROYDONQT before your question. Your operator’s usual text message charge applies. Alternatively submit your question via Twitter @CroydonQT or e-mail ask@croydonquestiontime.com

"Tickets for the Croydon Question Time,
which also include a networking opportunity,
are priced £75 (including VAT).

"For all the latest news on the event, visit the Develop Croydon Conference website at www.developcroydonconference.com "

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