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'Future Cities: The Global Community for 21st Century Decision Makers' (of no interest to Hammerson)

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"In just a few short weeks UBM's Future Cities has become the premier online destination for innovation in global urbanization. Future Cities is the first worldwide online community hosting a diverse range of information about every component of next-generation cities - from electronics and grid, to healthcare, to security, to IT and Internet, to utilities, real estate, energy, shipping, architecture, engineering, aviation, and more.

Become a member and get access to everything from our latest blogs and videos to research reports including our coverage on disaster response and rebuild efforts taking place in cities dealing with the impact of Hurricane Sandy:

  • Learning From Sandy
    Lower Manhattan sat in the dark several days after Hurricane Sandy, leaving many questions for those who will reconstruct NYC and build future cities.
  • Sandy, Security & Sustainability
    First as a hurricane, then superstorm - even now as a low-pressure trough - Sandy is straining incident and emergency response resources to unprecedented levels.
  • The Burden of Urbanization
    Bruce Katz of the Brookings Institute discusses the economic and moral role of the United States to help emerging cities all over the world.
  • Changing the Flood Prevention Paradigm
    Urban areas face a great risk of flooding. Forward-thinking cities are planning for the worst with predictive analytics and even floating infrastructure.
Join Future Cities today to become a part of what promises to be THE leading online community bringing together visionaries from all over the world who are responsible for building, designing, and supporting tomorrow's urban environments.

Any questions? Please write to us at editors@ubmfuturecities.com.

Nicole Ferraro
Editor in Chief, UBM's Future Cities" 

Top 20 Leaders in Urbanization

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 01:00 EDT
Urban migration is the drumbeat behind the global cities movement. And urbanization leaders are rising to prominence across the spheres of real estate, technology, and sustainability. 

By the year 2050, it is projected that 70 percent of the global population will live in cities, consuming the lion's share of the world’s natural resources. As populations rise and the pressure for limited resources increases, smart thinking is needed - in the form of smart cities, which harness technology to fight the challenges of urbanism, whilst maximising its creative and economic potential. 

In the following links, you'll find the Top 20 individuals around the globe who are at the forefront of this movement. (Feel we've missed the mark or left anyone off of our list? Be sure to tell us on the message boards.)

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