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The Independent: "Britain's missing billions: counting the true cost of corporate tax avoidance"

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"Yesterday's public finance figures were a tale of two countries: the public paid more and corporations paid less.

"... A number of famous multinationals have come under the spotlight over corporation tax. Starbucks has reported taxable profits in the UK only once in the past 15 years. Google reported revenues in Britain of £395m in 2011, but paid just £6m in corporation tax. Amazon booked £3.3bn in UK sales in 2011 but paid no corporation tax at all. Senior executives from all three companies appeared before the Commons Public Accounts Committee this month. Starbucks told MPs it paid a royalty to its parent company in the Netherlands, which offset profits made here. Amazon said its profits are all booked in Luxembourg, and Google's profits are registered in Ireland."

[And Hammerson is involved with a tax haven...]

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