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[Reposted] NICE LITTLE NEST-EGG! Well, well... ANOTHER reference to Brent Cross's Hammerson and an off-shore tax haven...

20 December 2012

"Purchase of Shares by the Trustees of the Hammerson Employee Share Ownership Plan (the 'Trust')"

"On 19 December 2012, Hammerson plc (the 'Company') received notification that Computershare Trustees (Jersey) Limited (being the trustees of the Trust) has acquired Ordinary shares of £0.25 each in the capital of the Company ('Ordinary shares') as detailed below:

Number of Ordinary shares purchased:
Average price paid per Ordinary share:
Date of Purchase:
18 December 2012

"It is intended that the shares will be used to satisfy exercises and releases of options and awards granted to employees of the Company under various employee share plans operated by the Company. [Is it indeed? Pip! Pip!]

"Following this purchase, the Trust holds 1,337,807 Ordinary Shares representing 0.19 per cent of the Company's issued Ordinary shares and total voting rights.

"General Counsel and Company Secretary"

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