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Cyclists in the City: "Never thought I'd say this. It might almost be time for a flashride to support Boris Johnson's cycling plans"

In Boris's first term, this is
what counted for a Cycle Highway.
The bike lane is underneath the bus.
Just terrifying.

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"This morning, Transport for London issued the detailed consultation plans for two planned Cycle Super Highways running East to West and North to South across inner London. And, unlike when the Mayor announced plans for his original Cycle Super Highways, this time they really have the feel of being proper Cycle Highways.

They are almost entirely segregated. They have priority over side roads, just the same way that other traffic does. And, at points, they are pretty impressive.

The current Cycle Super Highway
at Aldgate (blue paint).
Chillingly dreadful.

"... I have been a vocal critic of the Mayor's cycling schemes to date. But on this, Boris Johnson deserves credit where it is due. If the volume of opposition from entrenched organisations like the RAC and London First gets too much, then I think we may be in a position where we need to stage another Flashride.

"This time, we should Flashride in support of Boris Johnson's plans for cycling. Because we need to show that many people simply do not agree with the scare mongering put out by the RAC and London First. What do people think?"

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