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Cyclists in the City: "Major corporates, investors, London's hospitals and air ambulance are starting to support new Cycle Super Highways. But there are [secret] briefings against London's new cycle network"

"Just some of the
 employers and investors who have so far issued statements of support
 for the Cycle Super Highways"

"According to a press briefing that has been sent to a large number of businesses and journalists in London, Boris Johnson's planned Cycle Super Highways will:
  • 'be extremely damaging to London'

  • lead to 'significant increase in traffic in outer London'

  • 'put the safety of cyclists, pedestrians and drivers at risk'.

"This press briefing has been sent to all sorts of influential people, and it is as misleading as it is poorly-researched. It presents subjective opinion as fact and it is full of falsehoods. My understanding (from two different sources) is that this briefing document has been circulated by Canary Wharf Group PLC. You can review the briefing yourself via this link [also below].

"Now, it is important to mention that several of London's large employers are actively supporting the Cycle Super Highways. Just some of the companies that I'm aware of are shown in the image below and you can see their statements on the CyclingWorks website. As you can see, some of London's major real estate players - Jones Lang LaSalle, Knight Frank and Barratt Homes - have already come out in support of the Cycle Super Highways. Deloitte, a massive employer, has also come out in support.

"Only yesterday, Knight Frank, published a report on the effectiveness of global cities, praising cycle tracks and the need to invest in Cycle Super Highways.Plenty of other big employers (and, interestingly, plenty of big real estate players) are preparing their own letters of support to the consultation.

"NHS Barts (which runs the Royal London) and the London Air Ambulance have both come out in support of the Cycle Super Highways by the way. A number of London's other big hospitals will be adding their support next week."

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