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"North London Sub-Regional Transport Plan: addressing the challenges" (Note the presence of Barnet's corrupt Brent Cross planning application)

"The purpose of this north Sub-regional Transport plan (SRTP) 2014 update is to provide information on:
  • Developments over the last 12 months

  • Commitments made in the TfL Business Plan and through Local Implementation Plan (LIP) funding

  • Future opportunities to improve transport and address the remaining challenges.
"This plan aims to help boroughs with the development of Local Implementation Plans (LIPs) and TfL in developing the priorities for business planning in order to address the medium to longer-term challenges for London and the sub-regions.

"This SRTP document is accompanied by a poster for your bedroom wall, which provides a snapshot of the challenges, priority areas and opportunities that can be collectively addressed, and shows the initatives that have been completed or are planned within the sub-region." [We made up part of that.]

SRTP poster
SRTP document

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