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The Observer: " 'Endies': Employed with No Disposable Income are struggling in London"

"Centre for London report says a million workers can hardly make ends meet and feel politically disenchanted"

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"If for London the 1980s was the decade of yuppies, now the capital finds itself home to the 'endies"'– Employed but with No Disposable Income or Savings.

"Feeling unloved, overworked and ignored, endies are becoming disillusioned with their lot, according to a report from the Centre for London that suggests there are now about a million modest earners in the capital.

" 'Hollow Promise: How London is Failing its Modest Earners and What Can Be Done About it' – which is based on quantitative research and in-depth interviews with families on modest incomes – paints what it claims is an alarming picture of the pressure on 'squeezed-middle' households, those on low to modest incomes who are not entitled to most benefits."

Tuesday 16 September 2014 6:30 pm
Report Launch: 'Hollow Promise'

with Charles Leadbeater, report author, London’s Hollow Promise

Margaret Hodge, MP for Barking and Dagenham

Fraser Nelson, Editor, The Spectator

"Centre for London launches invites you to the launch of London’s Hollow Promise: How the city fails people on modest incomes and what should be done about it.

"This new research by Charles Leadbeater examines the plight of London’s so-called ‘squeezed-middle’ households – workers and families earning low to modest incomes, and struggling to get by. This report looks at the way these households continue to cope with limited incomes and the financial pressures of austerity, exacerbated by the capital’s high cost of living.

"As well as new analysis of the issues involved, including housing and household expenditure patterns, this publication also outlines radical new measures which could help improve the quality of life for London’s modest earners.

"This report launch will take place 6.30pm-8.00pm, 16 September at Coin Street Conference Centre, South Bank. To book your place please register using this link."

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