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Planning Resource: "Labour to look at planning department resourcing"

"The Labour Party is examining ways to get more resources into local authority planning departments, shadow planning minister Roberta Blackman-Woods has said."

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"Speaking at the Planning for Housing conference, organised by Planning, Blackman-Woods said planning for housing was 'very close to Labour’s heart'.

"... Blackman-Woods said planning could not work for and with communities unless planning departments have the correct level of resources. She said:
"We can’t do any of that unless we have planning officers who have the time to be able to have those conversations with communities and who can encourage and support developers.

One of the things that we are very concerned about at the moment is the capacity of planning departments. Absolutely everybody talks to me about this, and so we really have to think, and we’ve addressed this a little with [Labour’s Housing Commission], of how we get more resources into planning departments, so they are able to undertake some of this preparatory work."

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