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[Reposted from Nov 2010] Bestway seeks to confirm London Borough of Brent within Allied Forces

Little known, but decisive, 
Battle of the Edgware Road, 1804

Message to LB of Brent, from Bestway (which owns a site on the A5 at Brent Cross)

"IT IS reassuring to hear that LB Brent continues to object to the BXC application, and also that it appreciates the damaging implications for north London, if the scheme is developed in its current form.

"We note your view that LB Barnet considered Brent's position, before taking their resolution on the application (in November 2009). However, you are no doubt aware of the confusion that was caused, when Barnet's Assistant Director of Planning and Development Management advised Members, just before the Councillors voted, that LB Brent's objection had been withdrawn.

"The advice of our QC is that, despite reference to your objection in the Committee papers, these misleading comments have the potential to make the resolution erroneous. In the light of this, we would be grateful if you would review your comments, and provide us with your thoughts on whether your Authority would support Bestway, if we were to challenge Barnet's decision on these grounds."

Kind Regards, Bestway

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