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[Reposted] Hammerson's Paul Edwards, Head of Sustainability: statement in 2010

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'Hammerson Corporate Responsibility Summary 2010'
Selected quotes:

David Atkins, Chief Executive
"Our work in corporate responsibility is central to Hammerson. I’m proud of the achievements we have made to date, but I want to build on these strong foundations, as it is clear that we have significant challenges ahead."
Paul Edwards
Paul Edwards, Head of Sustainability
(the report forgets to say who he is)
"Sustainability continues to grow in importance as we aim to reduce costs, increase income and improve the value of our portfolio. In 2010, we created a new CR strategy, which defines our next set of long-term goals and measures. Alongside this, we also reviewed our community strategy, which is essential to our ability to grow the business and to meet the new localism agenda."
"We are committed to providing benefits to the communities we work in, and we are always looking for ways to improve the support we can provide. Our approach is to work in partnership with our communities, which is vital to our involvement in the new 'Local Enterprise Partnerships' (LEP)."

[Gossip corner: Barnet Council put forward Hammerson to chair an 'A5 Corridor LEP', partly because boroughs to the east of Barnet have grown unhappy about Barnet being in the 'North London Strategic Alliance', and presumably therefore, its LEP. 

Brent Council, to the west, started to say "Go to hell", but Mayor Boris Johnson then stopped the formation of all London LEPs, for a review. This may have affected deliverabilty of the "Go to hell" message. If so, please allow us to help out.]

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