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Starbucks Brent Cross: Finsbury PR and the tax fightback

The Guardian: "Who'd be Starbucks – assailed from left and right, and picketed at its HQ by unions accusing the company of failing to pay the living wage? No wonder the multinational has turned to City PR firefighters Finsbury for some help with reputation management.

"According to PR Week, the man with the plan is David Henderson, a veteran of No 10 who specialised in economics, finance and foreign policy, and prepped Gordon Brown and Big Dave for prime minister's questions. He also served as private secretary for the PM's first budget and during the Libya conflict.

"He still may not be able to rescue his clients from the stocks."

Starbucks in the UK

"In May 1998, Starbucks successfully entered the European market through its acquisition of 65 Seattle Coffee Company stores in the UK. The two companies shared a common culture, focussing on a great commitment to customised coffee, similar company values and a mutual respect for people and the environment."

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