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"The Age of the Train - The history of the British Inter-City 125 train"

BBC: "In 1976 a new high-speed train, the Inter-City 125, helped save British Rail, an unfashionable nationalised industry suffering from a financial crisis, industrial relations problems and a poor public image. [Just like Barnet Council, then.]

"The train was launched with the help of a memorable advertising campaign, fronted [unfortunately] by Sir Jimmy Savile, which announced that the 1980s would be the 'Age of the Train'. BR had an energetic new boss, Sir Peter Parker, who was determined to revive the railways. The result was a typically British success story, full of surprises and setbacks, as this [hour-long video] shows."

More text: BBC Four

Fifteen years earlier, the 'Midland Pullman' was another attempt at modernisation...

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