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The Guardian: "Silicon Roundabout: Tech City to pioneer a radical new public space"

Dismissed as a trophy project for David Cameron's Big Society, a bold new plan by Architecture 00:/ aims to take the workspaces of the future to London's East End

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"As David Cameron announced plans to invest £50m in a 'visionary project' to regenerate the Old Street roundabout at the heart of east London's 'Tech City cluster' last week, it should have come as no surprise that the reaction was less than warm.

" 'As well as backing the businesses of today, we are creating an aspiration nation and also backing the innovative, high-growth businesses of the future,' Cameron proclaimed at the LSE's Urban Age conference on Thursday. 

" 'That's why we're investing in creating the largest civic space in Europe – a place for startup companies and the local community to come together and become the next generation of entrepreneurs'."

Boris Johnson was at the Urban Age Conference
(but don't let that put you off)

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is a London-based strategy & design practice. 

"With a foundation in delivering award-winning architecture and commissioned research into the built environment, we are driven by an aspiration to create genuinely sustainable places founded on evidenced social, economic, and environmental principles.

"We are currently working with a broad spectrum of clients and collaborators on a range of innovative projects from new civic institutions, neighbourhood development strategies, and self-led housing masterplans to new service delivery infrastructures for healthcare, learning, and creative enterprise, alongside a number of ultra-low-energy private houses."

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