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The Guardian: "Michael Gove faces rebellion over no-curves schools plan"

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"The education secretary, Michael Gove, is facing a growing rebellion from teachers and architects over plans to simplify new school buildings, after a study claimed well-designed classrooms could improve pupils' progress in lessons by as much as 25%.

"... Initial findings of a study by academics at Salford University showed a strong correlation between the built environment where teaching takes place and test results in reading, writing and maths.

"Lighting, circulation, acoustics, individuality and colour were revealed to affect pupils' progress in the year-long study of achievement by 751 children in seven primary schools in Blackpool. It found eight out of 10 environmental factors displayed significant correlations with the pupils' performance, and the report's authors concluded:
"This clear evidence of the significant impact of the built environment on pupils' learning progression highlights the importance of this aspect for policymakers, designers and users."

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