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Extraordinary Design for Brent Cross 'Living Bridge' over North Circular Road

View from the 326 bus stop

"The idea is that an enclosed food court would bridge the A406 linking directly into an upper-level shopping mall, approximately 15m in width, sitting alongside the existing Templehof bridge which has planning permission to be expanded from two lanes to four, and would include bus priority and cycle and pedestrian lanes.

A new M1 junction with the A406 would also be triggered by the application, and which has planning permission, subject to detailed approval by Transport for London and the Highways Agency.

Transport for London is a party to the section 106 agreement, and is part of a 'Transport Strategy Group' that will shape the timing and detailed design of infrastructure associated with the Brent Cross Regeneration." 

Daily Telegraph:

"Oscar Niemeyer, the architect who has died aged 104, was best known as the designer of Brasilia, the daringly futuristic capital city of Brazil completed in 1960.

"Before construction began in 1957, the site of Brasilia was no more than a featureless and hostile desert without even a road — “the end of the world”, as Niemeyer described it. Within four years an entire city had been constructed.

"But although Niemeyer’s communism lay at the heart of his architectural commitment, Brasilia, like many attempts to reform society through building, was only a partial success. The city never developed into a genuine mixed community, and still today is principally the home of bureaucrats who catch the plane back to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo for the weekend.

"Meanwhile, the workers who service the bureaucrats — the cooks and cleaners to whom Niemeyer was most politically sympathetic — live in shanty towns surrounding the model city."

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