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[Reposted] 20 Feb 2012: "Business Planning 2012/13 – 2014/15"

"This report sets out the Corporate Plan, Budget,
Council Tax and Medium Term Financial Strategy
for the period from 2012/13 to 2014/15"
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"(page 305: Appendix 10: Risk Register)
RISK ORG0010 –

Reputational/Strategic Development and Infrastructure –
"Development within the Borough through the medium-term is planned to deliver 8,800 new homes and an increase in population of 20,000 by 2015.
"There is a risk that funding and delivery mechanisms will not be in place to deliver the necessary physical, green and social infrastructure to accommodate the requirements of an increased population."
Current Assessment
Impact: Major (score 4)
Probability: Likely (score 4)
Rating: High (score 16:  RED  )
Control Actions
  • "Explore other innovative forms of funding Regeneration Board set up - 1st meeting February 2011"
    Implemented (100% complete)
    Target Date (Priority): Complete
  • "Section 106 negotiations underway for BX and other major developments as required
    Completed for BX, underway for Mill Hill East"
    In Progress (100% complete)
    Target Date (Priority): Complete
  • "Consider opportunities around Tax Increment Financing (TIF), particularly for BX/CR
    TIF Board established, appointed external consultant to consider options, development partners providing necessary information on infrastructure costs"
    In Progress (20% complete)
    Target Date (Priority): 30/09/2012 (Normal)
  • "Adopt a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charging schedule for Barnet
    Draft tariff estimated
    Report to Regeneration Board July 2011
    Adoption by June 2012"
    In Progress (30% complete)
    Target Date (Priority): 29/06/2012 (High)
  • "Develop a corporate approach to infrastructure delivery and securing of funding
    Develop a robust Infrastructure Delivery Plan and funding delivery matrix" [Ah, The Matrix!]
    In Progress (50% complete)
    Target Date (Priority): On-going
  • "Development of CIL tariff for Barnet, anticipated introduction Summer 2012" [Did you see ex-Barnet Stewie's figure, in Redbridge?] [2013 update: Stewie now works for Boris at the GLA]
    In Progress (0% complete)
    Target Date (Priority): On-going
Target Assessment
Impact: Moderate (score 3)
Probability: Possible (score 3)
Rating: Medium High (score 9:  ORANGE  )

[So that's okay then!]


  1. This is utterly terrifying and typifies the Council's cavalier and short ternmist approach to new developments. Build it and worry about the infrastructure afterwards. We can always buy a bunch of portacabins when we run out of school places, the new people won't need libraries, they can just download electronic books to their kindles, the roads, well main roads are TFLs problem not ours, we don't need parks or leisure centres for all these new people because their kids can play in the multi storey car park at Brent Cross - well at least its dry.

    Only in Barnet!

  2. Since Boris's visit it has gone awfully quiet on the subject of Brent Cross redevelopment. Is there any concrete news ( oops, lots of concrete is heading our way )