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High-rise London, and the LCC Architects

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"... The London County Council Housing Division was tackling exactly the issues I was interested in, so I applied and was interviewed by Oliver Cox, (part of the Alton East design team). It was a great learning period for me, as I could go around visiting the different groups and talk about different ideas.

"There was a policy of repeating blocks, and I worked on a repeat of the Bentham road block, but I was unhappy with these mini-Corb designs that were fine in open country, but were out of place in the tight urban context of inner London.

"I then designed a scheme for a triangular site in Whitechapel, with a point block at the point of the site and a group of houses fitted into the complex centre of the site. They were the only two-storey houses with gardens built in inner London at that time."

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