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ARUP: "World-leading cities of the future will have to embrace the humble bicycle if they want to get ahead of the pack"

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"That is the view of Mark Watts, director of multinational design firm Arup and a leading expert on sustainable planning.

"Mr Watts told the MIPIM property conference in Cannes that cities faced unprecedented challenges - with the population soaring, and human beings now consuming more natural resources than the earth was able to replace.

"But he said there were enough examples of smart, green thinking throughout the world to make him optimistic about the future.

"Mr Watts outlined a model 'future city' investing heavily in cycling, electric buses, energy-generating buildings and urban farms. And he said that ecologically sound policies adopted throughout the world had often been adopted for economic, rather than environmental, reasons."

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"Earlier this week, the industrial giant Siemens published a report written by Professor David Begg who is, among many other things, publisher of Transport Times - a UK trade magazine for transport professionals. It's the sort of thing that talks about rail networks, road infrastructure, government policy.

"Siemens's report is entitled 'London’s Transport: Progress and Future Challenges' and it has a lot to say about cycling. Most noticeably, it has this to say:

"If [Boris Johnson] wants to go down in history as one of the world’s great radical Mayors then he must make bold decisions on how he wants to allocate road space. The litmus test will be how he responds to his Roads Task Force which will report shortly. If he wants to make London a city which is more associated with walking and cycling, with an urban realm to be proud of, then he needs to support a roads hierarchy whereby walking, cycling and buses are prioritised over cars at appropriate locations."

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