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"Housebuilding sets David Cameron and George Osborne against 'nimby' Tories"

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"David Cameron and George Osborne face a divisive battle with Conservative town halls over their £15bn plan to fuel a housebuilding boom, after a new 'nimby index' revealed that eight out of 10 Tory councillors believe their areas are already overdeveloped, or fine the way they are.

"In the wake of the chancellor's budget announcements aimed at boosting housebuilding, a poll by ComRes revealed that only a quarter of councillors from all parties believe their local areas are underdeveloped, while 87% of the public can be classed as nimbys.

"The extent of 'not in my back yard' resistance to development emerges in the week that Osborne introduced incentives for developers to build new homes by creating a £3.5bn scheme for interest-free loans to be available to buyers of such properties from next month. Ministers have also relaxed planning rules limiting construction on greenfield sites."

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