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CyclistsInTheCity: " 'Quietways': If you want to know what Boris's cycling plans for London look like, take a look at what's rolling out right now in Camden, Hackney and the City of London"

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"I've cycled around Fitzrovia a lot recently, and been hugely impressed by the work Camden has rolled out. The area takes up most of the block north of Oxford Street and west of Tottenham Court Road, as far as Great Portland Street, where car domination courtesy of Westminster council kicks in. Across the entire zone, the council employed a number of strategies.

"It has removed several traffic lights and replaced these with zebra crossings on speed tables. This makes it easier for motor vehicles to get through without constant stop-starting. And it makes it easier to cross the road as the cars are going more slowly and you don't have to wait for a green man to cross the road."

"... [But] what also needs to happen is that Transport for London needs to work with the boroughs to alleviate obstacles on these Quietway routes. The routes all too often become unstuck when they reach a main road."

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