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[Reposted] Adam Langleben's thoughts on 'Barnet, Europe and the Jewish World'. Plus the North London Strategic Alliance

Core Strategy
("But there's nothing there!")
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"Last week, the independent Planning Inspectorate published its report on the London Borough of Barnet, composed by Vincent Maher MA. Whilst the report gave Barnet a ‘sound’ verdict, it did make some important recommendations, that have already been highlighted over the past few years by the opposition Labour group, and by the excellent Barnet blogosphere.

"I have highlighted the following areas listed that I and others have already noticed. (There were several other points, which was written in such cryptic language, I didn’t understand it.)
  • Increasing the proportion of affordable homes
  • Clarifying the situation surrounding the redevelopment of Brent Cross Cricklewood
  • Planning for a new housing development on the North London Business Park
  • Clarifying the criteria assessment relating to housing for gypsies, travellers and travelling showpeople
  • Clarifying that parking standards for residential development are maximum standards.

"Below is my take on these areas."
... ...

"Clarifying the situation surrounding the redevelopment of Brent Cross Cricklewood"
"The Brent Cross redevelopment has been an ongoing saga, that needs to be sorted out. Brent Cross Shopping Centre need to make a decision on what they want to do, and find the cash to do it, in consultation with residents. The Coalition for a Sustainable Brent Cross Cricklewood redevelopment has written extensively on this, and I would urge all to visit their website."

Link to web site of the 'North London Strategic Alliance'
(LB Barnet recently left this / was kicked out.
It is now in the 'West London Alliance' of boroughs)

"LB Barnet’s local plan has been ruled sound by a planning inspector. It is the second such plan to be ruled sound since the publication of the government’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the first in London.

"The inspector said the core strategy and development management policy document were sound, subject to changing the wording on presumption in favour of sustainable development to the Planning Inspectorate’s 'model policy'.

"The council will also be required to review policy on Brent Cross Cricklewood after 2014, if required CPOs have not been made by then. This means the acceptance of the council’s five-year target of 21,720 new homes."

"See more from Planning magazine."

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