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Camden Council says: "Hammerson, you've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do we feel lucky trying for a Section 73?' Well, do ya, punk?" (not really)

(okay, 'Dirty Harry' quote doesn't really work.)

"Camden has not been formally consulted or involved in pre-application discussions about any amendment to the planning permission for Brent Cross / Cricklewood, and our understanding is that no application for this has yet been lodged with Barnet.

"Hammerson’s half yearly report says:
"At Brent Cross, having agreed a phased approach with the council [i.e. Barnet], we are working within our existing planning consent on a significant extension of the centre, and will apply for a revision to the existing consent early next year."
"It is not clear from this whether the amendment would involve an increase in the amount of retail floorspace, or retain the amount permitted. It is possible that the amendment will relate to the phasing of the scheme rather than the scale of development.

"As we are yet to see what any subsequent amendment would involve, we are not in a position to comment on its impact at this stage. However, if an increase in floorspace were to be proposed, the Council would seek a full, revised retail impact assessment and transport assessment, to consider the impact on Camden’s centres and traffic levels.

"The Council objected to the permitted scheme, including in relation to its potential impact on Kilburn Town Centre and traffic in the borough, and would similarly object to any amendments that we consider would have an adverse impact on any of the borough’s centres or on traffic levels. 

"And any amendment that would reduce the amount of social rented housing provided for those in housing need would also be strongly objected to."

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