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[Reposted] Westfield -v- Hammerson: Tweedledee PR -v- Tweedledum PR

Link to Croydon Guardian

"John Burton, Director of Development, Westfield UK said:
"Westfield has made no secret of its desire to become a part of the Croydon landscape. For the best part of ten years we’ve identified Croydon as a town that is in need, and capable, of major investment. All the fundamentals are there - the transport links, the location and the people.

... Renewed interest and optimism for the town means that the community can be confident they will see a positive change to the town, so long as the right approach is adopted* and action is taken swiftly."
* Unlike Hammerson

Link to Croydon Guardian

"David Atkins, chief executive, Centrale's owners Hammerson said:
"Sometimes people I meet are surprised to find that Hammerson is keen to invest more in Croydon, by extending Centrale and redeveloping the Whitgift Centre.

... The amazing response of the people of Croydon to the riots showed what this town is really made of. It’s a place we’re committed to*, and somewhere we’re confident we can help build a bright future."
* Unlike Westfield

Whitgift shopping centre deadlock
'can't go on much longer'


"A year on, Reeves of Croydon has risen
from the ashes. The community has too."
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