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The Guardian: "New plans for liberalising planning laws, guaranteeing more house building and shaking up roads spending"

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"As fears grow among senior figures in both coalition parties that George Osborne is running out of time to meet his pledge to stabilise the public finances, Whitehall sources have spoken of a co-ordinated growth push in September. 

"There will be a particular focus on liberalising planning laws, guaranteeing more housebuilding and boosting infrastructure projects, as Osborne prepares to deliver a crucial autumn statement in November that could presage even deeper spending cuts.

"... The Highways Agency, which runs the network of motorways and A-roads, could be made more independent, most probably as a government-owned company or public trust, so it can borrow without increasing the public deficit. One government source said:
"We have already made a lot of growth announcements, but obviously the garden needs watering often."
"Stephen Joseph, chief executive of the Campaign for Better Transport, said:
"It's clear that ministers are now casting around for anything that might produce growth without thinking of the long-term consequences or value for money for taxpayers."

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