Click above for what became the consented plan, plus Transport page.


ARUP monthly presentation on Crystal Palace. (Can anyone imagine Hammerson's PR buffoons doing this over Brent Cross?)

"Development community drop-in,
1 February 2014:

"Link above to one version of ARUP's Jerome Frost's presentation, edited only to give the most comprehensive version of the presentation that was given on the day at Anerley Town Hall.

"There are also audio clips of the three question-and-answer sessions, completely unedited."

LInk to web site

"The ZhongRong Group is seeking to reconstruct the Crystal Palace in a way that is faithful to the original building and all its ingenuity, scale and magnificence. It will be a major new cultural asset for London, adding to the city’s global offer.

"As part of the project the ZhongRong Group will also fund the restoration of the wider park in line with the approved masterplan to create a modern 21st century park of national importance which reflects Paxton’s original ideas and responds to the needs and aspirations of local residents."

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