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Evening Standard: "Tottenham in £1 billion turnaround "

"Haringey council’s 20-year vision to make the most of the £1 billion private and public funds earmarked for the borough offers a foundation of hope for one of London’s poorest areas, says Robert Bevan"

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"Last Tuesday, after long consultation, Haringey council’s cabinet agreed its Strategic Regeneration Framework, a 20-year vision for transforming riot-damaged Tottenham with 10,000 new homes, sports facilities, transport upgrades and improved health, schools and local job opportunities for its residents.

"The report into the 2011 disturbances, 'It Took Another Riot', took its name from Lord Heseltine’s report into the 1981 unrest that shook London and Liverpool, and led to inner-city investment in both cities. In 1985, the area was disturbed again when Tottenham’s Broadwater Farm estate erupted in deadly violence, and efforts to regenerate the area since have included an arts centre, a new Tottenham Hale station and the building of a big box retail park nearby. It remains, however, one of the poorest areas of London.

"Today, more than £1 billion has been earmarked to rebuild Tottenham once again and 'reimagining the built environment' is at the top of the post-riot agenda. Some of the team who created the Olympic Park, including Mayoral adviser to the Games Neale Coleman, are on board. Transport for London is investing almost £250 million, and the private sector £700 million, with the Mayor’s office underwriting a £500  million loan guarantee to developers."

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