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"Here is a warning to all Parisians: breathing can damage your health"

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"Avoid going outdoors in the early morning if you're in Paris. Avoid going out in the late afternoon. If you are over 65, or under five, you should stay indoors."

"... According to one study, there are 40,000 premature or unnecessary deaths in France each year because of the high level of atmospheric pollution. The European Commission has brought a legal action against France in the European Court of Justice for its failure to respect EU anti-pollution laws.

Corinne Lepage, environment minister from 1995 to 1997, now an independent ecological activist, said:
"There has never been the political will to attack the problem. I tried to set the ball rolling with a clean air law in December 1996, which put into effect European clean air directives."

That law has never been applied. Governments of both Left and Right have been scared of the car industry and motorists' lobbies."

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