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Dave Hill, The Guardian: "The Osbornomics of Barking Riverside"

"Greater London's largest housing development scheme remains stalled by an austerity mentality"

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"His big pal Boris Johnson talked it up, their political opponents talked it down. But even if George Osborne eventually stumps up for an extension of the Overground to the very large and very stalled Barking Riverside housing scheme, many people will go on wondering what took him so long.

"Critics feel the project's timeline does their talking for them. The 443 acre former power station site beside the Thames was bought by developer Bellway 20-odd years ago. In 2002 the Greater London Authority took a 49% stake and a joint venture, Barking Riverside Ltd, was formed.

"Five years later, Ken Livingstone's City Hall gave the green light to plans for a massive 10,800 new homes to be built there - the equivalent of a whole new Sevenoaks - nearly a third of them with three or more bedrooms, and more than 4,000 of them affordable. That's about as good as it gets in the big, bad metropolis these days."

Barking Riverside:

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