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Evening Standard: "Rival royals in £120m bidding war for giant Octopus block in Chiswick." (Worth posting? Has this story got legs?)

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"Two rival royal families are set to go head-to-head in a £120 million bidding war for one of London’s most divisive buildings.

The wife of the former Emir of Qatar and the current ruler of Dubai are said to be in talks with the developers of the remarkable Blade Runner-style London Octopus office block in Chiswick.

The proposed 50 metre-high modernist structure — which will be draped in Britain’s biggest advertising hoardings — has been bitterly opposed by locals who claim it will turn Chiswick roundabout into a garish Piccadilly Circus of the west.

Joint developers London & Bath Estates and Galliard Group will begin officially marketing the building this week. They say it has already attracted international interest because the LED screens covering a third of an acre —three times as much as the Piccadilly Circus lights — will be passed by estimated 300,000 vehicles a day."

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