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GLA: "Families missing out in Mayor’s drive for density"

(12 March: The GLA Planning Committee is undertaking a series of meetings in preparation for responding to the Mayor’s consultation on proposals to revise the London Plan. The Committee will submit its final comments to the Mayor by 10 April.)

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"Housing in London is under strain from a growing population and the pressure is set to increase over the coming years. The London Assembly Planning Committee heard today about how the drive to accommodate new homes being built in London is resulting in increased densities, but not higher numbers of family homes.

"The density matrix, one of the key tools in deciding the density levels of new development in London, is overdue for a review, guests argued.[1] The Committee heard that the density matrix is contributing to the low amount of affordable family housing delivered in the capital because it encourages developers to build one- and two-bedroom flats, which offers higher returns.

"Nicky Gavron, Chair of the Planning Committee, said:
"To deliver better outcomes for families, the density matrix must be reviewed to ensure London gets the family-sized housing it needs.

"At the moment, the market is driving developers to build small one- and two-bedroom flats, but this is not what London’s families need. Planning policy must not allow the need for high density to override the need for homes for families on low and modest incomes."

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"Draft Further Alterations to the London Plan"

And an earlier plan...
"The Blitz has cleared some sites, and we must
clear many more - but for what?
Has the Blitz cleared our vision too, and made it
possible to see what London might be?"

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