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Until 9 May: Transport for London consultation: "Draft Pedestrian Safety Action Plan"

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"As a relatively flat and compact city with spacious parks and attractive, historical streets, London is a city perfect to enjoy by foot. Walking enhances the lives of Londoners, as a transport mode, leisure activity and form of exercise.

"We are committed to increasing the numbers of walking trips in the Capital, by a million additional trips a day by 2031, whilst ensuring that this is not accompanied by an increase in the numbers of pedestrians harmed on London’s roads. The draft Pedestrian Safety Action Plan (PSAP) therefore sets out a strategy for improving the safety of pedestrians in London.

"... Extensive data analysis has helped identify the places where pedestrians are at greatest risk in London, the groups of pedestrians that face a disproportionate risk, as well as how and when casualties happen. This draft Plan draws upon all of this evidence, and outlines actions and interventions designed to improve their safety on London’s streets."

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