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Evening Standard: "Upside for High Streets in online boom"

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"At some stage, the switch to online retail will tail off, but we have no idea when that will happen, and at what level. ... [But] not everything will move.

"There is room at the top — witness the success of Apple stores just about everywhere in the world, and the level of rents in prime locations such as Bond Street.

There is room at the bottom, with Poundland already having 400 stores in the UK, and apparently aiming for 1000.

But unless you have something special to offer, and a strong online presence, you could be in trouble. John Lewis had a fine Christmas, topping an outstanding year; Morrisons has been finding it tough.

"[In general though,] most High Streets will become places for entertainment and leisure, rather than places to shop."

"More gloom for High Street,
 as number of shoppers
falls in December"

"Britain's battered retail sector saw a fall in the number of shoppers
last month despite a last-minute surge in the week
before Christmas, figures have revealed."

The Observer:
"There's more to life (and to our
ailing high streets) than shopping"

"Whatever the reasons for the demise of HMV and others,
Britain's shopping habits are now so radically altered
that shoppers, councils and businesses need
to rethink the whole purpose of our high streets"

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