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le Soir [that's your foreign]: "More fog, but pollution still kills in London"

"Plume de ma tante, plume de ma tante!"
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"In their plan to combat pollution of the air published in December 2010, London authorities ensure that yet have including strengthened criteria for exemption from the tollbooth entrance to areas with low, prohibits the movement of taxis too old and modified old, too polluting buses.

Simon Birkett, the founder and Director of the non-governmental organization to London Air [actually Clean Air in London] railed:
"We have yet to discover the Mayor Boris Johnson founded a group of pan-European lobby made up of communities wishing to alleviate European laws on air pollution, that the city breached every year and that could earned him a fine of £300 million!

They use also of the techniques to artificially reduce pollution in the areas of atmospheric monitoring. The Mayor does address so no pollution at its source but its assessment, which does not prevent the Londoners to breathe this air pollution!"

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