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Daily Telegraph articles: A triple dip into them

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"Warning of triple dip
and risk to credit rating"

"The Chancellor is under pressure to respond to weak growth by toning down his austerity programme with temporary tax cuts or spending projects. Olivier Blanchard, the International Monetary Fund’s chief economist, and Goldman Sachs Asset Management boss Jim O’Neill have urged him to rethink his plan in the March Budget.

"The Chancellor, who has insisted he will not budge from his deficit reduction strategy, said:
"We have a reminder today that Britain faces a very difficult economic situation. A reminder that we face problems at home because of the debts built up over many years and problems abroad with the eurozone. We can either run away from those problems or we can confront them, and I am determined to confront them."

"Soros hits out at
Osborne's austerity programme"

"The big lesson from the 1930s, Mr Soros said, was the need to print money to counter the contraction in credit, but continued:
"If money injected into the system gathers momentum, interest rates will shoot up.

“We are therefore facing a period of 'go-stop', [although this is] far superior to no go at all".

"Is it time to grasp the
debt restructuring nettle?"

"Everyone’s fed up with waiting. Unemployment may be coming down but it hardly feels like a recovery. It’s been almost five years since the end of the boom. The economy has flat-lined since mid-2011. GDP per head - according to Citi’s Michael Saunders - is now 6.7pc below the pre-crisis peak, worse even than Japan’s 'lost decade'.

"And the pound in your wage packet really won’t be worth as much tomorrow.

"Vincent Reinhart, Morgan Stanley’s chief economist who was a senior US Federal Reserve official and is the author of seminal papers on post-financial crisis responses, thinks there is an alternative, though. That there is a quicker way back to prosperity."

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