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"Recovery risks are mounting as consumers hunker down"

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"Savers are officially stupid, according to our nation’s financial gurus. There are just three ISAs on the market that allow the average punter to keep up with inflation, leaving the vast majority worse off in real terms.

"... The Office for Budget Responsiblility [sic] thinks saving is going to fall back to its long-term average of around 5% as the labour market improves, and consumers gradually worry less about building up a buffer. As a result, it pencils in a modest recovery in household spending this year.

"But the Bank of England’s recent household saving survey shows people ready to save at least as much in 2013, as they try to cut debts, as well as save up for big items like a deposit. In a tougher credit environment, big-ticket items will have be saved for, rather than just splurged on."

"There are murmurings in the Square Mile
that the dark days are over —
it’s time to make some money again"

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