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ActiveTransportationAlliance: "Time for next-generation protected bike lanes"

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"Protected bike lanes are one of the best tools we have to encourage more people to use bicycles as transportation. But to fully reap cycling’s many benefits, we need to close gaps in the growing bike network and go beyond plastic posts to build the next-generation of protected bike lanes.

"Back in 2010-11 when Active Trans asked Chicago mayoral candidates to support a 100-mile network of protected bike lanes by 2015, many scoffed. That may fly in Europe, we were told, but this is Chicago. Cars are king and cyclists are lucky to get a white stripe between themselves and cars.

"But Mayor Rahm Emanuel loved the idea and so did his Chicago Department of Transportation Commissioner, Gabe Klein. Within 30 days of Emanuel’s inauguration, the city’s first protected bike lane was installed on Kinzie."

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