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The Guardian: "Interview: Jan Gehl on London, streets, cycling and creating cities for people"

"The influential Danish architect is disappointed with London's progress with implementation his ideas for humanising city streets, but sees grounds for optimism elsewhere.

"... Gehl describes a post-war urban planning formula in which the car was transport king in linear asphalt empires and housing developments sprouted in high-rise isolation amid concrete voids being challenged in some places by 'lower-density building based on making neighbourhoods communities,' but then, 'during the eighties and nineties came the the period of egotism, and the architects became more and more obsessed with buildings with funny shapes.'

"More optimistically, he points to such as New York, Melbourne, Moscow and, most notably, his native Copenhagen as examples of cities where the economic and social value of creating 'Cities for People' has been recognised, and followed by action."

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