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CONsolidated PR: "WE LOVE SHOPPING AT BRENT CROSS" (although conceivably not any more)

"We worked with Brent Cross for several years, to remind shoppers in North London of what they love about the pioneering shopping mall. [Which suggests they lost the contract.]

"Situated in one of the most heavily-contested retail catchment areas in the country, Brent Cross is faced with fiercely ambitious competitors, who can outspend them in every area.

"We used our forensic knowledge of London media, the nationals and glossies to talk to women about natural news hooks, events, promotions and new centre arrivals that ultimately drive footfall and sales for the shopping centre’s retail partners.

Alongside the PR, we developed their social media strategy, helping them to use key social networks effectively to connect with existing and prospective shoppers, drive footfall, and create buzz around key events and calendar hooks." [They got them to improve their web site (not difficult), use Facebook, and get on Twitter?]

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