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The Independent: "Young families rush to be part of proposed 'co-operative' town with low-cost, low-carbon homes"

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"A rickety farm gate opening on to a muddy track that heads up a windswept hillside towards a distant stand of pines might not look like the entrance to a new utopia. This year, however, work is set to begin which could transform this former potato farm in Lanarkshire's Douglas Valley, into Britain's first new garden city for nearly a century.

"... One of the objectives of the town is to provide affordable housing, with the community founders hoping to offer high-quality, environmentally friendly homes – many built at a factory on site – at 60 per cent of the market value.

"Bill Nicol, the project director, said this would be achieved by adopting [Victorian] Robert Owen's principles and the garden-city ethos of minimising the land, labour, capital and entrepreneurial costs, and passing the benefits on to the user."

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